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Deck Handrails

For any project to be deemed a success, it often comes down to the finishing touches that take it from ordinary to extraordinary. At Pegram Builders, we love it when we are able to do that with a deck project by installing handrails that are both highly functional and exceptionally beautiful. While we have plenty of options in mind that will match any style of deck and home’s architecture, we’re always open to answering questions and discussing ideas you have in mind. Here are a few deck handrails to consider for your project.

Hog-Wire Handrails

This style is growing rapidly in popularity as it is durable, affordable, and attractive. It provides a rustic appearance with its wooden frame and hog wire panel that doesn’t block views as much as other materials.

Vinyl Handrails

f you are interested in a crisp, modern appearance and a low-maintenance option, you will love the various styles of vinyl deck handrails that we can include in your decking project.

Aluminum Handrails

There are many different styles of aluminum handrails, ranging from simple, industrial styles to more ornate ones. Since aluminum is strong and durable, with no maintenance required, it could be the ideal option for your project.

Pressure Treated / Aluminum Mix Handrails

You don’t have to choose between the charm of wood and the benefits that aluminum has to offer, as we can blend the two for an artistic and functional option that you are sure to love. With pressure-treated wood for the top and bottom and aluminum in between, you get a contrasting look that is unique and beautiful.

Hog-Wire handrails installed by Pegram Builders
White Vinyl handrails installed by Pegram Builders
Black Aluminum handrails installed by Pegram builders
Aluminum mixed handrails installed by Pegram Builders

Composite Decks

Our composite decks offer lasting style with ultimate durability.

If you are considering adding a deck and want ultimate durability and low maintenance, then composite decks may be the best choice for you. If you’re in Asheville, North Carolina, then Pegram Builders is the right team to set you up with the deck of your dreams.

Large deck installation by Pegram Builders

Made from a combination of wood and plastic, composite decks are an excellent choice for your outdoor living space for many reasons. They are designed to resist stains and fading. They are also built to resist scratches and mold. Unlike wood decks, composite decks won’t rot or crack. Because of this strategic engineering, composite decks are low maintenance. You will not need to sand and repaint your composite deck. They can be kept in great shape for many years with simple, regular cleaning.

At Pegram Builders, we can provide you with the perfect composite deck for your home. From beginning to end, we know you will be satisfied with your deck building experience with us. We answer our calls promptly and can come to your home for an estimate. We will listen carefully to your wants and needs, then get straight to work on building a high-quality deck. We show up on time and are always honest and friendly with our clients. We take great pride in providing our clients with decks they will love. In fact, many of our customers have been so pleased with our work that they’ve asked us to return for other projects or recommended us to their friends and family.

Wood Decks

Many people love the comfort and convenience they enjoy with the outdoor living space a good deck can provide. Your deck can be an excellent spot to spend quality time with your family, relax while enjoying the pleasant weather, and get some much-needed vitamin-D. Chances are, you already know the benefits a deck would offer to your home. Now you need to decide how you want your deck to look and who to turn to for a quality deck you can enjoy for many years to come.

Backyard deck installed by Pegram Builders

Wood decks are one of the most popular and the most traditional option. There are many advantages to selecting this option. First off, wood decking materials are one of the most affordable options and at Pegram Builders, you can trust us to use excellent quality wood. A second benefit of wood decks is that they are easily customizable. You can choose any stain or paint color to create a deck that complements your home and fits your unique style. A third benefit to wood decks is their longevity. When built right, your wood deck will be timeless in appearance and built to last.

Once you’ve decided that wood decks are the right option for your Asheville, North Carolina home, you need to find the best team to bring your deck dreams to life. Here at Pegram Builders, we are passionate about building amazing decks that leave our customers smiling. We strive to offer you not only expert skill, but also excellent business practices such as reliability, prompt service, and complete honesty in all of our interactions. Our hard work and dedication have earned us great reviews from many customers. We’d be happy to provide you with references from previous customers.

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