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Do you have a wonderful home, but the only thing missing is a garage? If you need a place to keep your vehicles at night, want some extra storage space, and want to add value to your home, garages are a great choice! At Pegram Builders, we know your garage will be a unique addition to your home in Asheville, North Carolina, and that’s why you’ll want to work with us to construct this important home extension.

When building garages, we take several things into consideration, including the land where it will be built, whether it is attached to or detached from your home, the square footage you require, and its ultimate purpose. By ensuring complete attention to detail during the design and construction phase, we can ensure that your new garage not only matches your vision for your home and landscape, but also serves a functional purpose as part of your home. From keeping your cars secure to having room for all of your belongings and keepsakes, garages offer the best of both aesthetic value and functional storage for any number of things.


If you have been considering relocating because your family has outgrown your Asheville, North Carolina home, here at Pegram Builders, we have another option that could save you money. A basement renovation can turn your underutilized space into living space, often doubling the square footage you have to work with. By avoiding the costs of moving, as well as the commission you’ll pay to a real estate professional, and adding value to your current home, doing a basement renovation usually turns out to be a wise investment.

There are many ways you can use a basement renovation to improve your circumstances. For example, if you have children sharing a room and you’d like to remedy that, we can build one or more bedrooms, complete with bathrooms, in the basement. Another option in this situation is to create a living room or family room in the basement and convert the main floor space to a bedroom.

Sometimes a family outgrows a home not because of having children, but because of becoming a caregiver for an aging parent. A basement renovation gives you extra space by creating a complete suite for them. They’ll maintain independence while being close by for emergencies and assistance.


If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area, then you already know that having a great view is one of the most coveted things to have in a home. If you live in a spot that has great potential, but you can’t really get the full view of the mountains that you love from the ground, adding a deck may be just the solution you’re looking for.

At Pegram Builders, we know it isn’t just the addition of a deck that makes a difference in your outdoor living arrangement, but also in the quality of the decking materials and construction. With our nearly 20 years of experience in the construction and home building industries, we believe we are the perfect team to provide decking solutions for your home.


Here in Asheville, North Carolina, there are lots of reasons to want a great porch. Not only might you wish to enjoy a view of the mountains at any moment, but porches are also great gathering places for your friends and family throughout the year.

Before you decide to construct your own porch, it’s important to remember that you’ll want to have something that suits your home, your lifestyle, and your intended usage. That’s why our team at Pegram Builders is your go-to choice when you want to add a porch to your property for aesthetic appeal and increased home value.

When you work with our team, we’ll not only take time to get to know what you want from your porch, but also provide fast, efficient solutions that make sense for your needs and your budget. We believe that porches require attention to detail and expertise during construction, so they can be functional, durable, and long-lasting for your Asheville home. Once our work is done, we are confident you may find yourself spending more time on the porch than you do inside!

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